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Tavia Rhodes is a Seattle-based singer-songwriter with music in her bones. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Tavia grew up performing. Her first stage was the fireplace mantel of her childhood home where she practiced singing and dancing just like the girls in the music videos. She spent her early days seizing every opportunity to act and sing at school and, at age twelve, joined a local vocal ensemble that performed rock ‘n roll revue shows on Seattle’s “Broadway.” She spent her high school years honing her music theory and falling in love with singing harmonies as she belted out Aretha, Janis, and Tina. Tavia is a sought-after vocalist in Seattle’s musical community, and her talents have been enlisted in countless projects, including session work for international distribution, guest spots with local cover bands, and as a backup singer for Seattle bands Fading Collection and Modern Relics. 2019 marks her debut onto the scene as a solo artist.

Always returning to music as a source of expression, clarity, and purpose, Tavia planted the seeds of her soon-to-be-released EP, HERSAY, in 2012, when she began writing songs. Through that process she discovered a wellspring of growth and a yearning for freedom after years of singing music written by others. Writing music paralleled a deep personal metamorphosis that had begun, both in her music and in her waking life.

Her music represents a seismic shift in the soul, grappling with and embracing themes of grief, trauma, resilience, and the feminine spirit at its most potent. With lyrics that put words to ineffable emotions and melodies both somber and uplifting, her songs are a tribute to the “hers” of the world; a celebration of women finding their voice and reestablishing sovereignty over their lives. Nowhere is this more clear than in Tavia’s 2019 single, “Her Eyes,” a poignant, layered dedication to her late mother and the complexities of love, healing, and release.

Tavia’s debut EP, HERSAY, is a dynamic example of what happens when precise musical training meets the raw, passionate edge of creative instinct. Musically, it is lyrical and piercingly evocative. Tavia’s compositions are as versatile as her own vocal range, slipping gracefully between contemplative folkiness, dark soulful electro-melodies, and incantational refrains. Thematically, listeners will find HERSAY’s songs at once personal and universal–a touchstone for our shared stories, stirring up defiant truths and paying homage to the intergenerational pain, strength, and wisdom that unite all women.

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Her Eyes

by Tavia Rhodes

Tavia Rhodes - vocals, piano, lyrics, and music
Natalie Hall - cello
Stuart Zobel - guitar
Matt Frickelton - bass
Mack Formway - beats
Marcus Loewe, Copper Channel - production and sound design
Kevin Bressler, Whiney Cat Audio - recording, mixing, and mastering


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